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AboutTime’s AminoHydrate Plus Coconut Water and Electrolytes gives you a healthier choice for intra/post workout hydration and recovery. Fuel your workout with the gluten free recovery formula.

Packed with 10 grams of Amino Acids, 7 grams BCAA’s, 2 grams Citrulline, and 1 gram of 1 Glutamine, AminoHydrate is AboutTime’s first all-natural BCAA recovery supplement.

When you are training intensely, your muscles are constantly being challenged and they need time to rebuild and repair.

Taking a recovery supplement helps your muscles to recover, and lets you be less sore so that you can continue to train hard. AminoHydrate stimulates muscle protein synthesis, reduces protein breakdown and preserves muscle glycogen stores.

The body uses these essential amino acids as fuel during exercise. AminoHydrate comes in two yummy flavors, Watermelon Lime and Orange Cream. At only 30 calories per serving, no articical colors or flavors, and sweetened with stevia, AminoHydrate is your top choice for a natural BCAA recovery supplement.

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