What should you eat before bed for maximum muscle gains?


Your body is primed to build muscle two times a day—right after your workout and during deep sleep. With the right meal or supplement before bed, you can get stronger while you doze.

Your body releases its biggest surge of growth hormone during REM sleep. If you have ample amounts of protein (my favorite is Isolate Fuel) in your system, you’ll take full advantage of the spike and make greater muscle gains. Also, your muscles will soak up protein through the night, so you won’t go into “hunger” mode (where your body can break down muscle) as quickly. By adding healthy fats (almonds, coconut oil etc) it will help slow digestion further and prevent slowing of your metabolism you’ve worked so hard to speed up!

Now all you DREAMTraining clients know why we have that secret snack before bed! If you don’t know and need help with your diet just shoot us an email we are ready to make your DREAM body a reality!


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