Teen Athletes Playing With Fire (Steroids)?

Steroids in teens usingIn addition to anorexia, bulimia and drug addiction, parents have a another reason to guard their teenager’s self-image and self esteem.

A study of 3,200 male and female students age 14 and up, from 12 states (who admit using anabolic steroids to boost athletic performance) shows an alarming trend.

65 percent of student steroid users, versus 6 percent of non-users said they would be willing to take any pill or powder that guarantees performance, even if it may harm their health.

It gets worse! 57 percent of under age steroid users, versus 4 percent of non-users said they would take any performance boosting pill or powder even if it may shorten their life.

So where does this drive to succeed at any cost begin? Professional athletes.

Of the students in the study, 57 percent said professional athletes influenced their decision to use the drugs and 63 percent said pro athletes influenced their friends’ decision to use them.

What’s more, the teenagers believe pro athletes have the right to use steroids, and 60 percent thought using anabolic steroids for athletic purposes is legal.

80 percent of young sports users — and 35 percent of non-users — said they believed anabolic steroids could help them achieve their athletic dreams.

Common slang for steroids include: roids, juice, hype, weight trainers, gym candy, arnolds, stackers, or pumpers.

Negative side effects include:

  • elevates certain hormones, causing the teenager’s growth to halt prematurely
  • aggressive behavior, over reacting, “on edge”, “bad attitude”
  • acne caused by yeast overgrowth in the gut – this can lead to chronic fatigue & more
  • injury to the connective tissues
  • liver damage and negatively altered cholesterol levels
  • sharing needles risks HIV, hepatitis & more
  • premature baldness in both girls and boys
  • sterility which can be life long
  • birth defects such as mental retardation or pseudohermanphroditism – where the child is born with both male and female sex traits (both physical and characteristics)

There are healthy alternatives to steroids! A nutrient dense diet, healthy naturally occurring supplements and specific training strategies all lead to the positive performance attributes teens are seeking.
Teen sports supplementsIf you have a teen athlete, one who is using steroids or considering using them, stop by the store and let our certified sports nutritionist devise a specific meal plan that will help your teen reach their goals.

We can also assist them with training strategies and anabolic steroid alternative supplements for their age group.

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