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ZISS BELT What is it? The Ziss Belt is the first multifunctional Belt cleared by the FDA for body shaping, fat burning, and lumbar strengthen, improving the body posture. Its innovative design and comfort helps you achieve your body goals. What are its advantages? The advantages of its design are: 6 stabilizing Bars for concentrated compression to relieve pain and stress in the lumbo-sacral area. Double Tension side straps designed for better fitting and tighter tension adjustment. Versatile to wear with detachable suspender straps allowing for more comfort and support. Who can use it? The Ziss Belt also works for you: Casual Exercisers Fitness Enthusiasts already in good shape Executives who don’t have time to get to the gym New Mothers People with a Sore Back Anyone who wants a better body.

  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: the Ziss Belt is the first belt cleared by the FDA for body shaping, fat burning, and lumbar strengthening.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: the Ziss Belt helps you with fat burning while prevents low back injuries caused by wrong body postures. It’s perfect for amateurs or expert athletes..
  • WORKS FOR EVERYBODY: if you are an executive who has no time to go to the gym, or maybe you’re not a fitness enthusiast, the Ziss Belt will work for you. You just have to wear it under your clothes for 2 hours and the results will amaze you..
  • CARDIOVASCULAR TECHNOLOGY: the new and special neoprene used in the belts is designed for improving your blood circulation, it increases the body temperature and eliminates toxins from the body in a faster way..
  • LOSE WEIGHT IN A NATURAL WAY: Forget medical procedures, pills and their secondary effects, or chemicals and needles. The Ziss Belt is here to make anyone gets the desired body in an easier way, without all extra costs and money..
  • Imported from USA.

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