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We eat as well as we can but it's impossible to eat right every meal, especially when life is hectic and we're constantly on the go.

When time is in short supply, we usually end up eating out and grabbing the closest thing to "real food." While occasionally cheating on your diet can be healthy, cheating can become a habit, and before you know it you start packing on the weight. On-the-go cheat meals are usually low in fiber, high in fat, low in protein, and high in starches and simple sugars.

These starches and simple sugars raise your insulin levels, making you store the fat you just ate. Simply: the bigger the cheat meal, the fatter we get.

The body uses sugars and starches in three ways: to satisfy immediate energy requirements, to fill muscles with muscle sugar to do work, or they are sent to the liver and converted to fat; this new fat is then stored.

So if you already have enough sugar for immediate energy, and your muscles are full of sugar, the excess sugar you eat will be stored as fat. Makes you think twice about cheating on your diet, doesn't it?
While dropping all cheat meals is unrealistic, it makes sense to minimize the damage that these meals cause.

This is why CHEAT was created – so that you can enjoy a cheat meal without the guilt and worry.

CHEAT contains ingredients that are proven to reduce your caloric intake, suppress your appetite, to block carbohydrate digestion, and to block fat absorption. CHEAT allows you to enjoy your cheat meal without getting fat. Here are the ingredients in CHEAT that allow you to CHEAT with peace of mind.

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