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Nitric oxide precursor increased vasodilation enhanced recovery dietary supplement-arginine: The sciencel-arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid that acts primarily as a nitric oxide precursor.

During training, calcium release causes the blood vessels to utilize the nitric oxide synthase enzymes to created nitric oxide from available l-arginine, thus relaxing and causing vasodilation.

By supplying an adequate supply of l-arginine, you will help maximize the potential nitric oxide production for enhanced vasodilation resulting in enhanced muscle pumps, oxygen utilization and nutrient delivery.

Key benefits of l-arginine: Potent precursor of nitric oxide production promotes muscle protein synthesis supports vasodilation and muscle pumps natural precursor to creatine synthesis helps improve muscle recovery

  • Nitric oxide precursor
  • Increased vasodilation
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Dietary supplement
  • Potent precursor of nitric oxide production
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