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Rhino Black Pumped packs eight potent pump inducing and nitric oxide enhancing ingredients to help you crush your workouts and give your muscles a solid, rock hard appearance.

To top off the most advanced pump product on the market we also added the powerhouse compound, PeakO2, along with three research-proven focus-improving agents to help keep you in the zone from your first rep to your last. Finally, a nutrient uptake matrix was included to ensure maximum ingredient bioavailability for faster gains and recovery.
With Rhino Black Pumped you get everything plus the kitchen sink.
Take a look at Rhino Black Pumped’s fully transparent label with research proven and clinically dosed ingredients, and you will find:
  • 7000mg Citrulline Malate - A dual-threat: Provides huge boosts to training volume and stimulates nitric oxide production. More training volume. Bigger pumps. Maximized gains.
  • 1000mg Nitrosigine® - The world’s most effective form of arginine works synergistically with citrulline to maintain improved blood flow up to 3 hours.
  • 1000mg PeakO2™ - Shown to increase power and endurance in only seven days.
  • 750mg Glycerol Monostearate - Enhances plasma and intramuscular volume expansion, producing a more engorged muscular appearance.
  • 600mg Alpha GPC - A cholinergic compound that is used for its cognitive-promoting properties, and to enhance power output.
  • 100mg AmentoPump™ - Inhibits PDE, while blocking the metabolism of cAMP and cGMP. As a result, your dilated veins allow blood to flow more freely, giving you monster pumps.
  • 50mg AstraGin® - Exclusive absorption enhancing ingredient proven in a dozen pre-clinical studies to support ingredient bioavailability.

MuscleSport’s mission with Rhino Black Pumped was to create a premiere pump product that the competition couldn’t touch. By using the best ingredients, novel compounds, and proper dosages, nothing comes close to Rhino Black Pumped. It covers every angle of the pump and performance by increasing nitric oxide production, enhancing blood flow and cellular swelling, and optimizing mental focus.

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