Intek Evolution Greens

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150 grams

➤ Provides important phyto nutrients*
➤ All natural and organic certified*
➤ Naturally boosts energy levels*
➤ Enhances immune system*
➤ Supports optimal absorption of daily nutrition*
➤ Improves digestion*
➤ Rich in “superfoods” and antioxidants*

This all-natural, organic, calorie-free powder, contains every possible super food, ingredient and bodily need, to support the healthiest immune system functioning possible and keep you energized all day long. With absolutely no sugar, no fluff and nothing to hold you back or weigh you down, your body will be loaded with all of the greens and vegetable based “superfoods” that will cut down on free-radical damage and have you healthier than ever before. With a supplement rich in natural enzymes, nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, plant lipids, beta carotene, minerals, chlorophyll, antioxidants and a great taste on top of it all, what more can you ask for?!

Made in the USA, cGMP Certified, Certified Organic

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