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There’s next level performance, and then there’s Superhuman SUPREME. Introducing the latest elite pre-workout from Alpha Lion, the loaded Superhuman Supreme, a formula jam packed with the very best ingredients known to sports nutrition.

Formulated to satisfy even the most discerning of pre-workout connoisseurs, Superhuman Supreme crushes energy and focus with the inclusion of DMHA, a caffeine blend, and other key energy components. Superhuman also takes your pumps to a new level with the inclusion of a whopping 7g of citrulline and the inclusion of the novel Nitrosigine and S7. Achieve true Superhuman status!

  • SUPERHUMAN SUPREME is packed with FOUR ultra-premium patented ingredients at clinical doses to ensure that you’re receiving the highest quality and quantity possible.
  • Nitrosigine - a patented complex of inositol-stabilized arginine silicate that is backed by clinical science and designed to increase nitric oxide levels resulting in pumptastic muscle vascularity.*
  • Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate - when paired with caffeine anhydrous and l-theanine results in strong, long lasting energy that lasts all day long.*
  • S7 - has been shown to increase nitric oxide levels by 230% at a single 50mg dose.*
  • BioPerine - has been shown in clinical trials to increase absorption of several nutrients. In addition, it has also been shown to help with thermogenesis, which is the metabolic process that generates energy in the human body, a key factor in accelerating weight loss.*


Sodium, Vitamin B12 (as Mehtylcobalamin), Caffeine Anhydrous, 2-aminoisoheptane, N,N-Dimethylphenethylamine citrate (DMPEA), Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate (75% Caffeine), N-Methyl Tyramine HCL, L-Citrulline Malate, L-Taurine, Nitrosigine (Inositol Arginine Silicate), s7 (Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract, Turmeric Extract, Tart Cherry, Blueberry, Broccoli, Kale), Beta Alanine, Betaine Anhydrous, L-Theanine, Black Pepper Extract (95% Piperine)

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