Shellie Edward

ShellieI first entered a gym with my mom around the age of 10. I was always very fit and came from an athletic background. My first few years of high school I was a cheerleader and on the dance team. By the age of 16 I had found my way to our high school gym weight room and by my senior year was full time training with the football team. I guess I have always felt at home inside a gym. I went to the same high school and was good friends with IFBB Pro Jenny Worth who I always looked up to but became my true inspiration to start competing when she made it all the way to the Olympia stage.

For the past 15 years I have been in the fitness industry working as a trainer, manager, director, instructor and spokes model and have been fortunate enough to work for some of the most prestigious companies in the industry and have been blessed to travel and compete or work at shows like the Olympia, Arnold Sports Festivals and all of the Eurpoas.

Last year I teamed up with my husband Dan to form DREAMTraining, where I am the CEO and managing director. Together in just a few months we have already formed a team of over 10 competitors, winning several first places, including overalls and no member placing lower than second. We also do all the show prep and nutrition for our clients and that includes being by their side every minute the day of the show. I personally do all the posing coaching for our athletes as well as posing coaching for several other NPC and IFBB pros we do not train.

We also have dozens of personal training clients ranging from professional athletes to married couples looking to lose weight together and several martial artists looking to improve their strength and condition. So whatever your DREAM, it is our mission to help you achieve it!



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