Anabolic Dreams

Anabolic Dreams



Deeper REM Sleep patterns for optimal GH release+
Muscle preservation and Recovery Formula+
Build muscle while you Sleep+

ANABOLIC DREAMS is a next-generation all natural growth hormone secreting anabolic formula.

It is formulated to stimulate the pituitary gland to release Growth Hormone by mimicking the body’s own endocrine system. This creates the perfect anabolic environment in the body or deeper REM sleep cycles, enhanced muscle and tissue recovery and improved fat metabolism.

GH levels in the body are high throughout adolescence, but begin to sharply decline once growth is completed.

By the age of 30 lower HGH levels begin to effect mood, muscle function, immune function, energy levels and even cause hair loss. HGH is commonly referred to as “the anti-aging hormone” and is the only way to truly turn back the clock in the body. ANABOLIC DREAMS patent-pending ratio of amino acids is a much safer and less expensive alternative to synthetic Human Growth Hormone. In addition ANABOLIC DREAMS contains the patented ingredient Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine™ for increased muscle and tissue recovery.

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