Muscle Aches? Acid Reflux? Feel Old? Lemons!

Natural anti-inflammatory pain reliefLemons have been used since the beginning of time for an assortment of ailments and chores around the house.

From skin care to weight loss and stain removal to mosquito repellent – this little orb of sunshine has a world of goodness to offer.

Squeeze a half of a lemon in water first thing upon waking. Don’t eat or drink anything until you’ve had your fresh lemon juice!

Lemons provide vitamin C, B vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants, flavonoid glycosides, beta-cryptoxanthin, zea-xanthin, lutein and more.

Lemons help reduce blood pressure, detoxify the blood and organs, boosts immunity and reduce mucus build up in the body.

Lemon juice is a natural anti-inflamtory and helps muscles detoxify by increasing glutathione levels within the body. Lemons also turn alkaline in your body which can relieve pain and helps to balance your body’s acid levels.

If you have aches and pains drink fresh lemon juice in water each morning for a month and you’ll see a huge improvement. Some people find a total elimination of all their muscle aches and pains when they include lemons in their morning routine.

One gentleman in his 30s suffered horrible foot pain. When he woke up in the morning or had been seated for long periods of time, the pain in both feet when he tried to walk was unbearable. He heard about lemon juice and started taking a half to a whole lemon’s juice in water each day.

Within a month he could sleep as long as he wanted, sit as long as he wanted, stand as long as he wanted with no pain in his feet. He said it was like a miracle, but it was more like “mother nature”.

Goodness Of LemonsFresh lemon juice aids digestion, assists liver functions and metabolizes fats. If you have acid reflux, drink lemon juice in water before meals. Also try taking a walk, or performing a task that will have you standing or walking about after you eat. Reclining or laying down is going to cause acid reflux every time!

Often what feels like too much acid and burning in your stomach is actually a lack of enough acid and enzymes.

There was once a young woman who had to take heavy prescription Tagamet daily to ease her stomach distress.

Tired of relying on dangerous drugs, she tried adding the fresh lemon juice in water to her routine despite her known adverse reaction to it in the past. For a week she reported being in total misery, but something told her to give a week. Maybe there was something to it and it would take a while for her system to balance out.

Exactly 7 days after starting the fresh lemon juice, her stomach finally felt normal for the first time in her life.

She couldn’t believe it was possible to get through a day without her prescription, or a handful of Tums or any of those over the counter drugs.

That was over 10 years ago and she’s still pain free all day, every day and eating anything she wants. She also reported that the lemons were far more economical than the drugs as well – an extra benefit!

Lots of weight loss diets include lemon juice in water before meals to help reduce the appetite, aid in digestion and help metabolize fats.

The list of benefits from fresh lemon juice seem endless.

Why don’t you try adding lemon juice in water to your morning routine and let us know what it does for you?

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