Men Avoid This Silent Killer!

Not feeling wellThe good news is the fix is easy & provides life saving benefits to your community at the same time!

What mineral has been proven to contribute to adult onset diabetes, heart attacks and now maybe linked to Alzheimer’s disease as well?

You’ll find it in your cookware, foods like fortified cereals, breads and other processed foods – even multi-vitamins.

What is it? Iron.

Adult men, as well as post menopausal women can easily suffer iron overload which becomes destructive over time.

While iron is essential for the body’s ability to manufacture various proteins and enzymes; involved in the transport of oxygen and the regulation of cell growth and differentiation among other things too much iron wreaks havoc on your body.

Men and post menopausal women have a very limited ability to excrete excess iron on its own. This leads to iron building up in your tissues and then because iron is a potent oxidizer, it starts to damage your body’s tissues contributing to serious health issues, including Alzheimer’s disease.

The cure for iron overload is also a life saving exercise – donate blood!

Give blood for sports health nutritionRegularly. There’s no need to wait for a blood drive, most blood banks in larger cities have satellite locations where you can make an appointment to come in and donate on your schedule.

It takes less than an hour and you’ll be helping yourself AND someone in your area hospitals at the same time!

If you have some kind of health condition, or are on a medication that doesn’t allow you to donate your blood, your doctor can prescribe and refer you to have your blood taken. It just won’t be used for patients.

Be sure to save this article with all the men & women in your life to avoid diseases nobody wants!


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