Antibacterial Soaps & Hand Sanitizers Reduces Muscle Contraction

Dangers Of Hand SanitizersThe germophobic tendancies of Americans has ignited a seemingly OCD use of antibacterial soaps and sanitizer products despite the evidence that plain soap kills germs just as effectively.

Antibacterial products are every where you go and now a study shows the most common ingredient in these products can seriously harm your muscle and heart health.

Children are at a higher risk because a 30 pound child is a 5th of the size of a 150 pound adult. That means a small child, or fetus in the womb is getting 5, 10, 20 times the exposure than an adult with every use.

Manufacturers of antimicrobial counter tops, furniture, clothing, toys, kitchen utensils, and household linens have incorporated this dangerous pesticide agent into their products to meet the public’s demand for a “germ free” environment.

Even if you think you never buy antimicrobial socks, shoes, kitchen utensils, antibacterial soap or sanitizers, this dangerous chemical can be silently lurking in your bathroom.

Many products like mouthwash, tooth paste, deodorant, and other personal hygiene products contain a hazardous pesticide chemical now re-branded as a “antibacterial agent”.

It’s name is Triclosan and it’s use in our everyday products has exploded since the 1970s.

We should all know by now that to stay healthy, we need “good germs” and bacteria (flora) as part of a strong immune system.

Antimicrobial & antibacterial products kill off the good with the bad germs leaving your immune system compromised & gives the bad germs the chance to mutate into deadly antibiotic resistant super bugs already killing across America.

Now, a new study conducted by researchers at the University of California and the University of Colorado shows even more frightening effects from the use of this powerful chemical.

In their experiment, the researchers produced fully functioning cells derived from primary muscle cells in humans.

After exposing the cells to levels of Triclosan similar to amounts people use daily, Dr. Isaac Pessah (the study’s lead author) and his colleagues found it greatly interfered with the muscles’ ability to contract when stimulated, a response known as ‘excitation-contraction coupling.’

“Excitation-contraction coupling is essential for muscle contraction,” Pessah said. “If you interfere with that process, it can be lethal and certainly debilitating. We were very surprised that Triclosan essentially impaired ECC in both cardiac muscle cells and skeletal muscle cells…It did so at relatively low concentrations and relatively quickly.”

Adding to these shocking results, the team also found that exposure to Triclosan in mice resulted in an 18% reduction in gripping strength, and included a 25% reduction in heart function within an hour of the introduction.

Taking it a step further, the scientists studied the effects of Triclosan exposure on fathead minnows, finding they had a significant reduction in swimming activity.

As a pesticide Triclosan also disrupts the nervous system and is suspected to increase the risks of asthma and other allergies in humans.

This new study also brings question as to the heavy use of hand sanitizer’s, antimicrobial desks, lunch trays, etc. in schools and the increase we’ve seen of children suffering cardiac arrests while at school. Certainly gives one something to think about.


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